SAP workloads on Azure Journey

When you use Microsoft Azure, you can reliably run your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant, and enterprise-proven platform. You get the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of Azure. With the expanded partnership between Microsoft and SAP, you can run SAP applications across development and test and production scenarios in Azure and be fully supported. Microsoft is constantly updating its platform and submitting new certification details to SAP in order to ensure Microsoft Azure is the best platform on which to run SAP workloads. As the migration of the SAP workloads in your company to Azure approaches, you need to finalize a detailed plan. In this webinar, we are going to discuss the key points pertaining to the migration of SAP workloads to Azure in detail.

On-demand / Start, deploy and run SAP workloads on Azure

Where to start?:
  • SAP workload scenarios
  • What SAP software is supported for Azure deployment?
  • SAP workload on Azure virtual machine supported scenarios
  • Supported scenarios for HANA Large Instance

On-demand / Migration of SAP Workloads on Azure

Prepare the checklist

Project preparation and planning phase:

  • Step 1: The pilot phase.
  • Step 2: The non-production phase.
  • Step 3: The production preparation phase.
  • Step 4: The Go Live phase.
  • Step 5: The post-production phase.


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